2011. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 September 2010 at 3 PM.


While working on the George W. Bush sculpture my daughter Cynthia called to tell me that her truck had broken down at the gas station about a mile away from my house. She wanted me to come down to see if I could fix it for her. I was so focused on the sculpture I did not want to stop. I mentioned to her that there was a mechanic at the gas station who might be able to start the truck. She said that the mechanic had been trying without success and that she did not know what else to do. This made me feel guilty, so I said I would be there in ten minutes. I put the boys in my truck and headed for the gas station. I did not want to work on a truck right then, I just wanted to work on the sculpture. As I was driving the following thought came to me: "What if I lay my hands on the truck and let the Lord fix it?" Well, when I arrived, Cynthia told me again how the mechanic had tried to fix her truck, but hadnít been able to do it. Then she climbed into the truck and turned the keys. As she did that I laid my hands on the hood Ė and immediately the truck started! She could not believe it. She was speechless. I did not say more to her, and so we drove off.