2041. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 March 2011 at 5:30 AM

I had a realistic dream of going to this supermarket. While I was there a chef from the restaurant next door approached me and asked me if I was Carl’s friend. I said "yes." He told me that Carl owned the restaurant next door, and that he was out of fish. He was wondering if I would buy some fish for his restaurant. I said I would, so I purchased some fish and gave it to the chef and he left. Later the chef came back and said it was not enough. So I purchased more fish and gave it to him. He left, and I followed him next door and saw Lukas, Carl’s son. I asked him where his father was, and he pointed to the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and saw Carl speaking on the phone. After he finished I told him what I had done. Carl made a sound and walked toward the kitchen door, as if he was going to check on something.

Later, that morning during prayer, the Lord showed me two feet of a woman. I noticed that the two large toes were pointed inwards. Then the Lord said, "I gave her instructions and she did not obey Me or repent." Then the Lord showed me a capital R, but it was upside down.