2052. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 August 2011 at 11:30 AM

During prayer the Lord gave me many visions:

1. A moving rock in space.

2. Three Stones on top of each other.

3. A Beaver hitting the ground with its tail.

4. An empty wine glass.

5. The symbol for infinity.

6. A magnifying glass.

7. A lit Candle.

8. A spoon with the scoop side facing down and the bottom facing up holding material.

9. The face of a man with a long dark beard wearing a red striped head scarf.

10. An ink pen.

11. Talking lips.

12. A bird with a muzzle on its beak.

13. A peddle of a white flower.

14. A large roof covering the planet earth.

15. Hands holding a laptop computer.

16. A large metal frame holding up a one hundred foot White Ball.

17. A fish.

18. A volcano.

19. A Bible.

20. A Hershey's kiss candy.

21. Tractors making a large pit.

22. A nuclear explosion.