2055. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 August 2011 at 5:19 PM


During prayer the Lord gave me some visions, parables, and Words.

Vision: I saw a man wearing a suit without a coat and a young man wearing a fast food restaurant cap roasting a horse's saddle (like one would roast a pig) on a rod over an open fire.

Vision: I saw a low table with a white table cloth. On top of this table there was a chess game laid out. Then someone pulled out the table cloth from underneath the chess game and the chess pieces did not fall, but a small figurine of the Eiffel Tower appeared on top of the chess board.

Vision: I saw a kitchen water faucet, and inside the wire screen that filters the water a fish was caught inside.

Vision: I saw a horse pulling a cart and the Lord said, "The one who pulls the cart has the power."

Word: "The mark of the beast will be placed on the wise and learned of this world."

Word: "Remember mad cow disease."

Vision: I saw a bottomless well.

Word: "Can a butterfly fly without its wings?"

Word: "Does the color of someone's hair make a person?"

Word: "Can man really do the work of God?"

Vision: I saw a white painted window glass.

Vision: I saw Jesus Christ's hand with a nail or a spike in it.

Vision: I saw a door no one could open.

Word: "Elder, I give you My Peace."