2063. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 September 2011 at 5 PM

During this past week every time I've prayed, Israel has been on my mind. Today, during prayer my Spirit was on fire for Israel, and the Lord gave me the following Visions and Words:

The Lord said, "The Nail of the Cross."

A vision of the capital letter "Y".

A vision of a hand pulling or ripping out the strings of a guitar.

The Lord said, "Pray."

A vision of an Ax. Then the Lord said, "The Ax is at the base of the Tree."

A vision of a torpedo being fired.

A vision of a boat moving over a lake or river of fire.

A vision of a Whirlwind.

A vision of two blacksmiths flatting a piece of iron.

The Lord said, "Ishmael"

The Lord said, "Gnashing teeth."

A vision of someone trying to nail a nail with a rubber hammer.

A vision of a house within a house.

The Lord said, "One must build on Rock."

The Lord said, "The rat is loose."

A vision of a gray horse.

A vision of a male peacock with it's feathers spread out.

The Lord said, "Because it is Mine."

The Lord said, "I am My son. I am My son. I am My son."