2075. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 January 2012 at 6:30AM

On New Year's Day I had a very strange occurrence. I was in a deep sleep when I was awakened at about 4:30 AM to a loud woman's scream and then some frightened crying sounds. Next, I felt that something left my room and went into the boys' room. The funny thing is; it felt like whatever left the room went out right through the door, without opening it first, and it went out there to protect my boys. What came to mind, was that perhaps one of my boys was having a nightmare, or was awakened by the scream. I was about to get up and check on them, when I sensed that Eva was taking care of the situation with the boys. Moments later I felt guilty, though, because the scream had been so chilling and frightening. So I got up and went to the boys' bedroom and found them both sound asleep. This frightened me even more than the sound of the woman's scream. I knew Eva had checked in with the boys after I first heard the scream, but now she was nowhere to be found. I searched around the house for her and finally headed downstairs to her office. I stepped inside and found her there.

I asked her what was going on, what's all the screaming about. She looked up at me in surprise and said, she had not heard any screaming. She told me that she had just been praying. But she did mention to me that this was the second time someone came to her room asking about screaming sounds. She told me that a few weeks earlier the boys' had come downstairs saying they heard screaming. Eva told the boys' she had not heard screaming and that everything was okay. But the boys' had insisted that they had heard loud screaming sounds all the way upstairs.

Today the Lord revealed to me that the screaming sounds I had heard belonged to my niece. Yesterday I found out that her husband had committed suicide a few days after I heard the screaming. The Lord told me that the woman's crying and screaming was my niece crying for her dead husband. She was the one who found him after he killed himself.

Vision: Then the Lord gave me an image of a single clothes hanger hanging in an empty closet.