2083. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 May 2012 at 9:45 AM

You are under spiritual attack. Keep your focus and your ears open.


I saw one of those cowboy spurs. Then I saw a small black bird, with some red coloring on its head.

Word: All will go well. The sauce is in the can now, but it will be heated later. People will say, "Peace, Peace, Peace. But there will be no peace. I know the worries that come with your job, but trust Me.

The horses have their collars and are ready. The spears are sharp and pointed.

The funds will come soon, so separate your monthly bills from your Israel mission trip. Relax and stay focused. I know you do not understand, but you are in My Hands.

The snake will hunt for the rabbit. The rabbit will stay in its hole until it is time for his move. The hawk is also seeking the rabbit, but the rabbit is too clever for both of them.

People will try to talk you into this and that, but only listen to Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Keep your mouth closed unless I tell you to speak. The menu has been set, and the food is cooking. People are so stupid that they will cook and eat their children to prove a point. I have ordered My Angels to surround you and protect you, because Satan is mad, and he knows there is nothing he can do. He will try to stop you, but you are in My Loving Hands. So prepare for this Israel Mission like the other mission trips. "Trust, Trust, Trust" is a key Word, and Obey your God. Do not worry about money or the mission. All will go well.

Vision: Then the Lord gave me a vision of the number "6".