2084. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 May 2012 at 6:22 AM

Vision: I saw this beautiful, half naked woman tied to the ground. Then I heard these voices say: "She is tied to the ground. Now we can rape her as much as we want, and there isn't anything she can do about it. We have her where we want."

Then the Lord said, "This woman is Israel, and the voices are her enemies. Do the enemies of Israel believe the God of Jacob has abandoned His beloved? Her enemies do not realize she is in My Hands, and I am her protector. Even though I have abandoned her in the past for her sinful adultery, she is still My Beloved. My Words to My beloved David are still in My Mind. I will hold her and protect her forever. When the Lord promises, He never goes back on His Word. If Israel's enemies believe they can defeat God, let them try. But has a thing like this ever been done? Has the Lord ever been defeated, the Creator, the Maker, the Breaker of the universe? Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Even if man does not understand it, Jehovah is behind it. Jehovah's written Words will be accomplished to the letter. Remember, I always tell My Prophets My Plans before it begins. Those who listen are prepared. Those who do not, are left confused, and left to their own devices and thoughts."

Jesus: "Glory be to the Father. I worship You Father. All is in place. Your will, will be done, to the Letter. I will protect what is Yours. I Love You Father. We are all waiting for your orders. Praise be to the Father, all Honor and Praise be to the Father. I love You Father. Thank You Father. The drums are beating and waiting for Your call. Our arch enemy is frightened and ready for the battle. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. I love You Father."