2098. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 July 2012 at 5:49 AM

I am what is, was, and what's going to be. The ax is at the tree, open your Bibles and read about the coming of the Lord. Do not forget that I warned you before it happened. The fail safe system will fail. The world will become like a system or army of killer bees. My Plans are in place.

Reymundo, do not worry, everything will go fine in Israel. The world will never understand the ways of the Lord. They love sin more than the ways of God. They love their reality shows on television, because they are not real. They teach others how to miss behave. The reality is, I am coming and they do not even know it or care. Remember the ten virgins with their lamps. Well, these people do not even have lamps or oil. They believe: "I am a good person, God wouldn't do this to me!" The ways of man are not the ways of God. Remember, the Lord might say do this, and it might not be right in the ways that man sees things, but the Ways of the Lord are always right.

Read about all the Israelites that disobeyed Me in the desert leaving Egypt. Man's way leads to death and the Lords' way leads to Salvation and Life Everlasting. The choice is yours. So be it! So be it! So be it!