Israel Mission Notes 2012


Israel trip from 8/7/12 to 8/17/2012.

We left San Francisco on American Airlines at 12:15 PM.

We arrived at JFK in New York at about 9:30 PM.

We left New York at 11:50 PM.

We arrived at Tel Aviv, Israel at about 5:30 PM.



Unexpectedly Ron Viessman met us at the airport baggage claim area. He had taken a flight from San Francisco via Philadelphia, and arrived at Tel Aviv 2 hours before Carl and I.

The three of us continued on to the Budget car rental.

The first night we stayed at a Hostel in Beit Immanuel, Jaffa, Israel.


Vision and Word on 8/8/12 Early AM:

"If you eat here in Jaffa you are a fish symbol."


"If you do not eat here in Jaffa, you are this symbol."

Word: "You are doing well. Proceed."


Occurrence: The Lord said that we were supposed to go and drop seeds in the heart of the city of Jaffa in a green area, and then some in the city streets and sidewalks of the main city of Jaffa.

The Seeds used on mission trip.

Occurrence: After we did that, we were supposed to go to Jerusalem and meet with Cheryl, pray and anoint her. We were to stay in the heart of Jerusalem for two days and pray and place seeds there in green areas.

I asked the Lord: "Why are we doing this?"


Word: The Lord said, "Remember the Ark of the Covenant."

Then I asked the Lord, if Ron was supposed to be with us on the trip.


Word: The Lord responded, "Three equals more power."


Word: "The love of God comes at a price, one has to carry his cross."


Word: "One comes into the world naked, one leaves naked. Listen to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit only, and save yourselves."


Word: "Listen to man and you will find Satan. I Am Who Was, Is and Will Be."


Word: "Coming on this mission trip is like laughing in Satan's face."


Word: "More seeds mean more growth, not only in Israel, but in the whole world. Plant seeds. The seeds are like the blood of the Lamb on the doorpost during Passover when the Jews left Egypt. I want people in other places around the world to do the same; to physically throw seeds, to symbolize that I am bringing the Body together."


The Lord also showed me that the act of planting physical seeds was like the act of placing lamb's blood on doorposts during Passover. It was this physical act that caused Death to Passover those houses and caused the people in them to be saved from the events that took place in Egypt during Passover.

Vision: An observatory building.


Vision: I saw a vision of the Colosseum, which is an amphitheater in Rome. There were beams sticking out through holes in the outside wall. The beams were covered with a big canvas that went around the entire outside of the Colosseum.


Vision: Then I saw another vision of the Collosseum, but in this image the whole center of the Colosseum was covered with canvas.


Vision: I saw a parking meter with the top part cut off and moved over to left.

Occurrence on 8/9/12 at 10:17 AM:

We drove over to a small green area that was located near some apartment buildings. This green area was down the block from our hostel, Beit Immanuel, where we stayed in the city of Jaffa.


I asked the Lord if this place was ok for planting the seeds.


Word: The Lord said, "Ok."


Word at 10:25 AM: "Good and faithful servants."


Occurrence and Word at 10:35 AM:


We drove over to the Jaffa Port.


Then the Lord said, "Drop some seeds here, because people from the sea will see the growth." We did what the Lord asked and scattered seeds at Jaffa Port.


Word at 10:38 AM: "Go to Jerusalem."


Occurrence at 10:52 AM: As we drove through town in Jaffa we dropped seeds in Strert-Derech Yafo, which is the name of a street.


Word at 11:04 AM: "Seek and you will find."


Vision at 4:30 - 5 PM: A woman looking at her right eye through a small mirror.


Vision: Two enormous mountains with a valley in between. There was a white light between the mountains.


Vision: I saw a small island in the middle of the ocean, and then, suddenly, a huge white dome covered up the island. I do not know what the white dome was.


Word: "Sit down Ray and take the load off your feet."


Word: "You're through now, for the day. You can go to your hotel."


Vision and Occurrence on 8/10/12:


I saw the left foot of someone with a blue foot support. The foot support was like an open shoe, or a supported sandal. It looked like something that people would wear to support a cast when they have sprang their ankle or broke their foot.


Later on we all became very cautious with our steps, since we noticed it was very slippery in the city streets with all the polished stone walkways. From that point on, and through the whole mission trip, we kept saying to each other "Watch your step!"


Vision at 5:45 AM:

I saw a shovel lying flat on the ground.


Vision: I saw a ring with a big square stone. The stone was blue, purple and green in color.


Vision at 6:51 AM: I saw the back of a mailing envelope.


Vision: I had an image of a man crawling on the ground on his stomach. He was moving forward slowly, inch by inch, using his elbows to pull the rest of his body forward. I was given the impression that the man represented today's church.


Vision: A symbol of the letter Y, with two round balls sitting on the top two ends.


Word: The Lord said, "Carl is to pay for Ron's expenses."


Vision: A three sided, triangular shape. It almost looked like an icicle.


Vision: A plastic bottle with cap that had a straw coming through it.



I saw a pipe standing up vertically with a spinning fan sitting on top it. Half way up the pipe there was a straw sticking out from it horizontally.


Vision: I saw a man walking with a cane. The cane had a brace around it that is meant for putting your hand through it. It looked like the kind of cane that people with polio would wear.


Vision: I saw a shovel with a bent handle.


Vision: I saw hand cuffs with solid wood in-between the cuffs.


Word: "I am raising up the dead to spread the seeds."


Vision: I saw a vision of Gilo Park, which we visited the last time we were in Israel.



A scorpion walking with it's tail up.


Vision: A big fat caterpillar walking.


Vision: A creature in the shape of a man holding up a body.


Vision: An image of Christ with raised arms and a White Glory over Him.


Word: "Go to Mount Herzl."


Vision at 9:30 AM: I saw a passenger plane flying low, swaying from side to side in the sky. The color of the plane was a shiny aluminum color. Suddenly the plane's color changed to black, with the color change starting at the front part of the plane and moving towards the tail.


Vision at 9:30 AM : An image of a woman's left breast. The nipple was in the shape of a cross.


Word: "Throw some seeds in the old town of Jerusalem. Birds will come and eat the seeds."


Occurrence at 11:35 AM: I felt in the spirit that we were supposed to go to Gilo Memorial Park and Monastery near the highway towards Bethlehem. And then later we were to go to Mt. Herzl.


Occurrence at 12:30 PM: We scattered two bags of seeds around some trees in Gilo Park near Memorial Walkway.


Vision at 1:20 PM:


Vision at 2:36 PM: I saw someone sticking out their tongue at me.


Vision: I saw an image of a crow's head. Then it changed into a duck's head.


Vision: False teeth.


Word: "Today's church is like false teeth, they have no bite."


Vision: A coiled serpent. I saw it's head sticking up from the middle of the coil and it had a cigarette in its mouth.


Vision: A coil of stainless steel or aluminum. The metal strip was a flat sheet about 1 inch wide. It was coiled up very tightly. Then someone grabbed the center of the metal coil, pulled it out and pushed it back in, repeatedly.


Vision: Someone pointing their index finger. Then the finger changed into a safety razor.


Vision at 4:39 PM: I saw a large tunnel with a big tongue sticking out of the opening.


Vision: I saw someone's right hand, palm up. It was holding molten red lava rock. The rock was red on the inside and carbon black on the outside.


Vision: I saw a claw of a lobster or a crab, and someone was handing the claw a white piece of paper.


Word: "Ray, do you realize you are at the heart of Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? Some churches are like going to look for God and finding nothing but an old empty house where the master has moved out many years ago."


Occurrence at 6 PM: We scattered seeds in the plaza in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.


Word at 9:30 PM: "Remember the day of Noah. People will be getting married, eating, living day to day, and He will come without warning."


I felt in the spirit that the Lord was laying the ground work for His coming.


Occurrence on 8/11/12 at 9:30 AM:


We spread seeds at Mt Herzl.


Occurrence at 10:45: The Lord said, "Pour oil on the sidewalk near Prime Minister Netanyahu's office" The Knesset, the Israeli Parliament and the Supreme Court were near by.


Vision at 12:54 AM:


I saw a Black Kettle. The Kettle was hot.


Word: "Tell Ron I am going to hug and kiss him."


Word: "Elder, elder, elder Reymundo. You are my elder. The harness is going to move North and then it is going to be released. I want you to finish the seeding in Jerusalem and then move North to the Sea of Galilee. Yes, Tiberias is the direction. Stay there until I tell you to move. I am going to protect your family Ray, but there is going to be judgment on Carl's family for their unbelief, and on his church. Leaders of the flesh who are in my so called churches will have to learn the hard way. One cannot read my Word and know it and turn their back on it and go without judgment. In the end, disobedience brings death in the end. People who love me show Me by doing what I say. Whether they like it or not. Evil is the harness of Satan. What will fall, will fall hard and to the point. There are people who I asked to send you funds and they did not do it. They will be judged for their disobedience. Those who I asked to pray for this mission trip will be judged because they did not obey. Remember the scripture when you help one of my little ones you are helping Me. Reymundo is My little one. The curb will swing left when one thinks it will swing right. Right or left, it is the will of Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The demons are watching you Reymundo, but I have you covered with My Word, Spirit and angels. Have a pleasant day My rodeo stars. So be it! So be it! So be it!"


Word at 3:50 PM: "We're done for the day."


Occurrence at 12 Midnight: Carl, Ron and I were having Communion.


As we prayed for families:


Vision: Two hot air balloons sitting on the ground, ready to lift off.


Vision: I saw the letter B. Then the top part of the letter B separated and lifted up. The top part looked like a door handle. Next the top part came back down and was placed back in its original position, again looking like the letter B.


Occurrence on 8/12/12 at 2:52 AM:


The Lord instructed us to place six seeds across the street of our hotel in Tiberias.


Word: "Cover the area I tell you in Capernaum."


Word: "Elder, elder, elder, the door will be open for you. That's all for tonight."


Vision at 6:07 AM : I saw the big round casing of a sewer tunnel. The tunnel was large enough that one could walk through it. It was straight and about 900 feet long. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel very far off, and I saw people walking through it. I also saw a racecar driving in the tunnel, moving down the middle of it. At the end of the tunnel you could see bright sunlight that exposed a large city. You could see shops, people, streets - all the things you generally see in a large city.


Dream at 6:15 AM:

I was on a mission trip and there were a couple of people with me. We were walking down the street, on the sidewalk. There was a bus at one street corner, and we walked past the bus. Then I saw a little child come out of a house and start following behind us as we walked up the sloped sidewalk. When we saw the child following us, we walked him back to his house. I took him inside while the others waited for me. Then we took a rest and sat down outside the house, leaning against the garage door. Suddenly someone in the house opened the garage door and me and one of my friends fell inside the garage. Then this young guy from inside the house came over and tapped me on the back of my head and said: "Hi Ray." I did not know him, but he asked, "remember me?" I said, "No." He said, "I helped you build your dome house." But I still did not remember him. He said that he had something that belonged to me, and then he gave me this photograph album of a wedding. I looked at the groom that was in one of the pictures, and thought he looked familiar. The album looked like it was put together 20 or 30 years ago. The bride looked familiar too, and the book had pictures of my artwork in it. There were also pictures of the wedding and the honeymoon. The guy said, he had found the album in some city and immediately known that it belonged to me. I noticed there were sculptures coming out of the photo album, like real three dimensional sculptures, not two-dimensional pictures. A couple of the sculptures were damaged. The guy said that if I wanted to, I could repair them there in his garage. So, I walked inside the garage and began to repair the sculptures in the album, but while I was doing this, his father walked in and just looked at me, and then went about his business. In the dream I worked as fast as I could to fix the album.


Note: I was not going to document this dream, but something told me that I should, and that it was important.


Word at 6:30 AM: "Stay in Tiberias for two nights.


Occurrence and Word: The Lord said, "Put two seeds in Capernaum."


"Haifa; in a green area, five seeds."


"Beersheba; ten seeds."


"Eilat; fifteen seeds."


Occurrence at 10 AM: I dropped six seeds in the ground in Tiberias, close to where we stayed at the Avia Hotel. We walked over to this green garden area that was close to our hotel, and located in between a couple of main streets there.


Occurrence at 12 Noon: We drove for an hour or so to the place where the city of Capernaum used to be. Today it is a very small area, some kind of museum. When we arrived there, the entrance gate was closed, so we decided to continue driving for a few hundred feet further and parked the car next to Capernaum, on the grounds of a Benedictine Church. Then I asked the Lord: "Is this the place?"


Word: The Lord replied, "Yes, go for it."


So I dropped the two seeds there, next door to the Capernaum lay-out.


Vision at 10 PM: A vision of the underside of a bird bath or a fountain.


Occurrence: The Lord revealed to me the interpretation of the observatory building that I had seen earlier. He told me that the vision meant that He was watching us.


Vision at 10:05 AM: I saw a 4-bladed fan, spinning.


Word on 8/13/12 at 2:10 AM: The Lord said, "The Capernaum seed planting was fine."


Word: "The rats will come and eat the waste. The birds will love to eat human flesh and the worms will eat all the rest. Read your Bibles and learn about the End Times. People will not believe what will happen during those days. The fruit will fall to the ground and there will not be anyone to eat it. Glory be to Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, for the End has come and a New Beginning will start. The Hour will be unknown, until it happens. So be it! So be it! So be it!


Word 5:40 AM: The Lord said, "Do not rush."


Vision at 6:22 AM: I saw some kind of an earthquake, but it looked very unusual. I saw a vertical, rectangular slab of earth move very violently in the spirit.


Vision: I saw a suspension bridge covered with snow. At first I saw the bridge from the bottom, and then from up high. I saw cars, with snow covering windshields and entire cars.


Occurrence at 11:18 AM: I dropped 5 seeds in a green area near the Port of Haifa.


Occurrence at 12:50 PM: At the rest stop on highway 6 on the way to Beersheba we saw a man with the same kind of arm crutches that I had seen in a vision earlier. The crutches were the kind polio patients wear, with the circular arm braces. The man also had an open toed boot, as if his foot was broken, just like what I had seen in a vision earlier. Ron felt that this was a confirmation that we were on the right track.


Vision at 3 PM: I saw a small air plane, the type that only has two seats, like a crop duster.


Vision: I saw the top of a concrete column. This top part was shaped decoratively, like a Greek or Roman column would be.


Vision on 8/14/12 at 3:10 AM in Beersheba:


I saw a high concrete bridge fall and crack because of an earthquake.


Word: "It is like a program: Another person is going to shoot people, and many will die."


Vision at 3:53 AM: I saw a large waves coming into the coast under a concrete bridge.


The bridge was being held up by a dirt embankment on one side and a concrete post on the other side. When the water came in it hit against the embankment and washed it away and then it took the post with it too.


Word at 4:10 AM in Beersheba: "I Am what Was, Is and Is Going To Be. The world is going to change for the worse. The climate of the world leaders, the weather, the waters will rise and fall and destroy buildings and kill people. This is the Beginning of the End. Man cannot stop these events. The evil of this world is spreading like a wild fire. Wildfires will become deadly, fish will die in the sea. Ships will sink, planes will fall from the sky. Political leaders will get the fire of Satan and try to become gods. The ashes will fall around the world with the power of Satan. And still people will not believe in Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. What was made to fall, will fall. What was made for salvation, will be saved. The sparks will fly in families, but the unbelief will be great. Most of the world will not believe in God, and most will die. Families will fall apart because of the great I AM, I AM. People, read your Bibles. Study and learn about your Creator and save yourselves and families. All your hard heads will bring you is death and destruction. Heaven is a wonderful place. All you have to do is read the Bible. Do as Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit say, and you will find Peace Forever. So be it! So be it! So be it!"


Vision at 4:10 - 4:20 AM: I saw an image of a sky that was divided in the following way: On the right side it was blue and sunny, on the left side it was covered with dark clouds. Then the dark clouds from the left side moved over to the right side and covered up the bright blue sky.


Vision at 5:16 AM: A large lizard coming down an embankment.


Vision at 5:19 AM: A skull of a long horned steer.


Occurrence in Beersheba at 10:15 AM: We dropped 10 seeds in a park area in Beersheba. This was a at Park and Recreation club near the Air Force airfield and Museum.


Word: The Lord said, "Do it here."


Occurrence on 8/14/12 at 3:18 PM in Eilat: I dropped 15 seeds in a green area near the Eilat Airport.


Vision 5:21 PM: I saw a propeller moving water, possibly a boat propeller.


Vision: An elephant splashing water on its back.


Word: "Come to my Wedding Supper! Hurry, Hurry! Time is running out! The time of the goats is here now. The time of the lambs will begin at the coming of Jesus Christ. Don't let Satan urinate on you! Bathe yourself in the Holy Water and come to Heaven Clean and Pure.


Vision on 8/15/12 at 4:35 AM in Eilat: I saw a suspension bridge sinking into the mud. I am not sure if the water was rising or if the bridge was sinking.


Word: "All goes well."


Vision: A wedding ring.


Vision: A diving board.


Vision: I saw moving clouds.


Vision: A metal key.


Word: "The seed has to die before it will grow."


Vision: I saw the image of a grass fire, with huge flames.


Vision on 8/15/12 at 9:15 PM. Back in Jerusalem: I saw a rod coming down changing into a beam of light. The light shone down on the ground. In the spot where the light hit the ground I saw spinning and spiraling rainbow colors, almost like something you would see in a kaleidoscope. The colors on this spot in the ground where ever-changing and the colors had the shimmer of stained, beautiful, rainbow-colored glass.


Vision: I saw the front grill of an army jeep coming out of the mud.


Vision: A raven-like bird eating one of the planted seeds.


Vision: I saw a big, clear bubble being blown up in the air. The bubble was 8 to 10 feet in diameter.


Vision: An hourglass with the sand almost run out.


Word on 8/16/12 at 4 - 4:30 AM in Jerusalem: The Lord said, "Be careful. There are a lot of deceiving spirits in Jerusalem."


Word: "It is finished."


Vision at 9:30 AM: I saw 100 to 1000 black wildebeests running wild in the plain, stampeding through the valley.


Note: I had the impression in the spirit that these were demons that were running away in fear.


Vision: A porcupine.


Vision at 10:17 AM: I saw a large group of black wildebeests, grouped together and drinking water.


Word on 8/17/12 at 3:30 PM:


On the flight from New York to California about 1 hour into the flight, the Lord said, "I own the rodeo."


Word on 8/18/12 at 5:05 AM:


Later on, after I had arrived back home in California the Lord gave the following Word:


"People who are in Jerusalem: I want you to anoint the outside the Old City of Jerusalem with oil in three equally spaced locations."