2107. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera 12 August 2012 at 6:15 AM


I was on a mission trip and there were a couple of people with me. We were walking down the street, on the sidewalk. There was a bus at one street corner, and we walked past the bus. Then I saw a little child come out of a house and start following behind us as we walked up the sloped sidewalk. When we saw the child following us, we walked him back to his house. I took him inside while the others waited for me. Then we took a rest and sat down outside the house, leaning against the garage door. Suddenly someone in the house opened the garage door and me and one of my friends fell inside the garage.

Then this young guy from inside the house came over and tapped me on the back of my head and said: "Hi Ray." I did not know him, but he asked, "remember me?" I said, "No." He said, "I helped you build your dome house." But I still did not remember him. He said that he had something that belonged to me, and then he gave me this photograph album of a wedding. I looked at the groom that was in one of the pictures, and thought he looked familiar. The album looked like it was put together 20 or 30 years ago. The bride looked familiar too, and the book had pictures of my artwork in it. There were also pictures of the wedding and the honeymoon.

The guy said, he had found the album in some city and immediately known that it belonged to me. I noticed there were sculptures coming out of the photo album, like real three dimensional sculptures, not two-dimensional pictures. A couple of the sculptures were damaged. The guy said that if I wanted to, I could repair them there in his garage. So, I walked inside the garage and began to repair the sculptures in the album, but while I was doing this, his father walked in and just looked at me, and then went about his business. In the dream I worked as fast as I could to fix the album.

Note: I was not going to document this dream, but something told me that I should, and that it was important.