2182. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 July 2013 at 1:45 PM


During prayer for the Israel Mission Trip the Lord gave the following visions.

Vision: The Lord showed me a glass of clear drinking water, with the water inside the glass spinning like a whirlpool.

Vision: Then the Lord showed me something that looked like a ball of fire hitting the ground. This ball of fire changed into the flaming shape of walking legs. It was a walking flame in the shape of a man, but I could only see the shape from the waste down. As I saw this flame walking, I could also see that between the legs there were the flaming shape of a man's genitals.

Vision: Then I saw two pairs of scissors. They were the kind barbers use, and they were laying end to end with their handles touching each other.

Vision: Then I saw the upper corner of a house window. I was inside looking out.

Vision: Then I saw watermelon seeds.

Vision: Then I saw the end of a pipe with some liquid being forced out from it.

Vision: Then I saw a dome type building from the sky similar to the Dome of the Rock. As I was looking down at it the dome opened up in four sections.

Word: Then the Lord said, "Well done good and faithful servant."