2235. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 June 2014 at 4:34 PM

When one is at the foot of the Cross and the Lord speaks, does one believe that His Words get lost in the depths of the sea?

I see everything. Many believe that if they control the Words of God, they will be saved. If there is sin in a marriage, does one believe the Lord does not see it? If I tell My Prophet to go here and do that, and his family and friends try to stop him, does one believe the Lord does not see it? If I rebuke a pastor and he refuses to listen, does he believe the Lord will not correct him? If one shows anger to a Prophet, or a neighbor, do you believe the Lord will not correct that person? If a President lies and misleads, does one believe the Lord does not see it and correct him?

Anger and more anger does not correct a sin. Stick your nose into the Bible and find the Lordís Truth. My Words do not get lost into the depths of the sea. The things of God are straight and to the point.

Many people are angry, because Reymundo is going to Israel on this prayer walk. Many are trying to stop him. Many are showing their anger. But what many do not understand, their anger will make the Lord Angry towards them. Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are not playing games. What Jehovah says, it will get done, whether one likes it or not. I see the struggles Reymundo is going through to get this mission completed, and Jehovah does not forget. The Anger people should fear is the Lordís Anger, for I will correct anyone that tries to stop My Words.

A True Prophet will fear Jehovah more than his wife, friends or even the President of the country he lives in. When Jehovah swings His Ax it will hurt. Do you get My Point? My Words are not lost in the depths of the sea. They are in front of your nose. Read your Bible and repent and ask for forgiveness for your anger.