2295. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 2015 at 8:42 AM

The Horn is on My Lips. The battle cry springs out. The monsters are moving out and are headed for the hills and valleys of this world, with the vengeance of Satan. They scream out, "Off with their heads, letís clean this world, for the world is ours."

The war will begin, and manís church is still asleep, playing their church games.

Look and see who is awake. Itís My Underground Church. They can see who is the real enemy. They are banding together. Their prayers are guiding them for they know what is coming. Head-to-head, arm-to-arm, eye-to-eye, body-to-body, they will fight to the end of this world.

Come here My Children and listen to My Words for the end is before you. Seek and you will find the Power and Direction of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Place the Armor of God on, and keep it on for the end is before you. Read your Bibles and understand the ways of your God, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe. So be it! So be it! So be it!