2015 Mission Notes – Jerusalem, Israel – Paris, France – London, England



Word: Peace, Muzzle Jezebel Spirit


Vision: An Umbrella of protection on the trip


Word: Five days


Vision: Circular stand, like an attic fan spinning – turned into a baseball.


Vision: A cake looking pan hat/Afghan style.

Egyptian pyramid

A rainbow

A branch with leaves – Christians

A grave with concrete Stone

A large redwood tree – USA

Lightning striking

Sexton (to navigate a ship)

I saw a building with a slanted roof with a large ball at the point.

I saw a jet fighter plane.

A graveyard with many graves

I saw stars in sky with lights coming down.

Then I saw an attic fan.


Word: I asked the Lord, "How many days for Mission trip." The Lord said, "9+2 days."


Vision: A vision of a pitted olive.


Vision: A red vase


Prophecy: My branch, my branch, my branch wear My Clothes. This is why I chose you three; a sweet aroma.


Vision: A sewing pin, and a writing pen.


Prophecy: Doesn’t a sewing pin and a writing pen pierce people to the soul. That is how My Words are going to pierce people.

Long life for those who have the oil, (10 virgins), go with the love Parable and Power of God. People will tell you it is a joke and game but it is dead serious.

The red vase. The red vase. The red vase.


Vision: Stainless steel pitcher.


Prophecy: My Red Vase, points your nose towards Heaven.

Seek and you will find. (Flight and agenda)



I saw a glass platter with cooked hamburgers.

I saw a round ice cream sandwich.



Would Allah Love him?



I saw a picture of a turkey head.



Do I have to keep nursing you guys? Pick the one you like. (Praying for flights for the mission trip)


Jerusalem 7/30/2015

Vision 1:45 AM:

A parabolic dish made of gold or brass, on a stand, pointed up to the sky.


Word: I saw the number 5.


Vision: I saw a handle of a deadbolt lock.


Word 7:00 AM:

Milk the cow for it is crying, good and faithful servants. The art of following Jesus; is following Jehovah. Then the Holy Spirit will help you in the ways of your God.


Vision 10:08 AM:

I saw a vision of a security camera (dome type).

A vision of a balance scale; each side has a small cloth bag.

I saw a vision of a missile with two rockets with flames coming out of the thrusters.

I saw a vision of a slanted triangle with a doorway with an awning over the door.


Prophecy: 7/30/2015 at 10:35 AM

It is I My son, so rest for I know all – the line is straight so follow it. Look up and all around for I am there. The fragrance is all around you. I have told (instructed) the Catholic Church, but they do not listen to me.

Get your day going.


Prophecy: 7/30/2015 (Words and visions during our walk to a section of the Western Wall in Israel.)

6:24 PM: They shall fall three by three.

6:25 PM: There is going to be a big white cloud over those hills. (Where the Garden Tomb is and where Christ was crucified)

6:27 PM: People are going to look for chickens, but they are not going to find any.

6:28 PM: You are writing down world history.

6:29 PM: People are going to feel the Power of the Arm of God.

6:31 PM: All the Power and Glory belongs to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I will protect what is Mine.

6:40 PM: I sensed in the Spirit people shooting from the old city walls near the Damascus Gate.

6:42 PM: There is going to be an earthquake and that hill is going to move up over Zedekiah’s Cave.

6:49 PM: Photograph that wall. It is going to fall outward.

6:52 PM: The red vessel. The red vessel. The red vessel.

7:03 PM: Anointed the corners of the Jerusalem Wall across from the Rockefeller center.


Prophecy: 7/31/2015 at 5:37 AM.

Does a moose have antlers? You know he does.

When one sees and believes, knowledge is gained.

When I showed you the spot in the wall during your walk around the Jerusalem Wall (In 2014), I had a reason and a purpose. I wanted to show you that your God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit knows all, the future, the past, and the present.

The timing of you and your friends being there at the exact time was My Timing. You noticed the police came to the rescue of that family seconds after you Anointed the wall.

If you had not Anointed the wall at that time; the family would have been killed. I know you wanted to know about that section of the Jerusalem Wall a year ago, but Jehovah is in charge of all things.

This event will show you how important your mission trips are. People will live or die by the things you have done on your Mission Trips. Pray, keep your focus and all will go well for the rest of your mission trip.

Now, go back to sleep and rest. So be it! So be it! So be it!


Vision 9:21 AM

I had a vision of an upside down wire clothes hanger.


Word 9:23 AM

The Lord instructed us to go to the Parliament of Israel, and the office of the Prime Minister. (Anoint the grounds there)


Word 9:27 AM

We prayed where to go specifically.

The Lord said, "The grounds, anywhere you can get to."


Vision 9:33 AM

The showed me a pipe with some kind of pipe clamp around it.


Vision: 9:39 AM

The Lord showed me a round buckle on a leather belt.

Then the Lord said, "Belt of truth."


Word: 9:43 AM

Shop for Anointing oil.

Prayer Walk and Anointing in Israel


7/31/2015 from 11:44 AM

1. Knesset perimeter

2. Prime Minister’s Office


Word Later: You are done. You are finished.


Occurrence: A taxi van showed up after we had just finished anointing and the driver asked if we were praying for him to come by. His name is Adam, a messianic Jew saved by Americans at the church at Mt. Carmel. He took us back to the Old City of Jerusalem.


Vision: 11:52 PM

A wedding band made of gold spinning slowly around a rope or string.


Vision: 11:59 PM

A crown – King of Kings

I saw a Vision of three pizzas – each with an enormous cat claw (7 to 8 inches long) going through them.


2299. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 August 2015 at 5:28 AM

Vision: I saw a large toilet that look like a large ceramic flower, which was cut in half. The next image I saw, President Obama sitting on this flower toilet.



Evil produces evil. Filth produces filth. By reading the Bible one can tell the difference. One can see what is clean and what is filthy evil.

People are always looking for evil and sin in famous people and in world events, but they do not see the evil in themselves or the people around them. Small evils all add up to large evils.

Anger, anger and more anger is all around the world. Everyone tries to explain it, but simply it is demonic. Peacemakers are the victims of angry people. If one wants to make it to Heaven, they have to lose the anger. There is always a reason to get mad. Evil is evil, no matter how one labels it. Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit sees all, and will correct all. As the sun goes up and comes down, and you know this will happen and depend on it, so you can believe your Father in Heaven will correct this anger problem. Try sticking your finger in a flame and see how this feels. This is how I will correct this anger problem. One can control anger if they really want to. But if one has their arms wrapped around Satan and does not want to let go of his warmth; they also will feel My Heat.

People are looking for all kinds of events around the world to prove a point about this and that. And they forget to really look at themselves in their walk with Jesus.

Everyone wants to be a leader and lead, and they forget to look at their righteousness in their walk. Everyone has their fingers pointing at this and that. Everyone has an answer to world problems. But the problem begins with small people, with large problems trying to guide others.

Solve problems at the foot of the cross of Jesus with fear and trembling. Have you heard the statement, "The beginning of wisdom"? This statement has not changed. What is deep in one’s heart is what God will judge not the fluff one is projecting to others.

This world is so corrupt, Christians will eat Christians like they are eating a chicken sandwich for breakfast and use the Bible to prove their point.

People really need to read their Bibles and practice what they read. The hammer and the anvil are ready to squash all the evil in this world. Stop looking for signs in the sky and look deep inside yourself to see if you are right with God first. So watch yourself that you are right with God and We will have a party in Heaven for all the time that there is time. Read this and teach yourself the ways of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. So be it! So be it! So be it!


Vision: 9:26 AM

5 or 6 people holding some kind of sun dish with sunlight reflected up in the sky.


Word and Vision: 10:55 AM


Word: Give Kevin $50.00


Vision: The Number 1



I saw a carving of an elephant.


Word: Be careful of gifts from the elephant. (Image of a wooden carved elephant)


Vision: 11:30 AM

I saw a disco ball with glass reflectors.

I saw a large black ant as big as a bed.

Then I saw an arch with an eagle on top of the arch in the center.

White clouds that began to form a tornado/twister.

I saw a birdbath as large as a baby crib with sculpted sides made of black ceramic filled with water and a large wooden cross inside the tub.

I could see people surrounding the tub giving homage to the basin with the cross inside.

I also saw a statue at the foot of the basin, and water was coming from the penis of the statue, filling the basin. The basin was black, the floor was black and it was inside a high arched room and ceiling. Then I saw a pair of blue bedroom slippers. Then I saw a nuclear explosion.


Word: 8:20 PM

Pasta, pasta


Word: Stop – don’t go in.


Word: The veil is going to be lifted.


Word: Stop – open your eyes.


Word: Read the scriptures.


Word: The street of Gold.


Word: 8:45 PM

Your friends see the celery and they eat the celery, but they are not tasting the celery.


Occurrence: 8/2/15

Outside King David hotel, I sensed in the Spirit something demonic and powerful on the road.


Word: Anoint each side of the road. (Ray did also in front of King David hotel and in front of the YMCA.)


Word 8/3/15 4:31 AM

The Anointing in front of the King David hotel was because the point of the pyramid was going to go down that street.


Vision: 12:55 PM

I saw an X with a horizontal line going "to" the center of the X.


Word: 8/4/15 at 8:15 AM

(A prayer of where to Anoint in Paris)


Word: The same as Israel, (Parliament and Prime Minister grounds).



Paris 8/4/15 at 10 AM

We began our prayer walk.

Around Assemblee Nationale.

Around Hotel Matignon.


Word: 11:54 AM.

"Well done."

(After completing our prayer walk around the National Assembly and Prime Minister’s office and residents "Hotel Matignon")


Vision: 5:15 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of deep into outer space. I saw millions and millions of stars in outer space. They looked like little white dots in the dark space.



Then the lord said, "Well done good and faithful servants." The stars are set. Israel is set. France is set. All that is left is England. The blind will remain blind; the Spirit-filled Christians will understand the ways of Jehovah. Change will come in an instant. The blind will fall. The Spirit-filled will come to Heaven.

This planet has been warned and warned and they became worse in sin. The Hog will eat his fill. The lion will conquer. The blind will die. The hammer will strike and squash the evil of this world. Read the Bible and learn the ways of God with the help of the Holy Spirit and you will find Jesus Christ and Jehovah. Thank you Reymundo; let’s finish Anointing England for My Plans are being set. So be it! So be it! So be it!


Word: 8/5/15 at 3:23 AM.

Didn’t Cain kill Abel? So it will be again. Christian will kill Christian. The cross of one Christian will become the weapon against another Christian. The course of evil will spread within man’s church. Hurry; go get your ticket for the last train will leave for Heaven soon. The cry will be loud and bloody. From morning to dust will the blood flow from man’s church. Man against man, woman against woman, man against woman will be the state of man’s church.

Christ was speared for our transgressions the Court of Judgment is before you. Peace or death is before you. Seek Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will guide you. Remember your ticket is your Bible. Read it. Remember, Jesus Christ died for you and the end is before you. Pray and pray some more for guidance, and the Holy Spirit will show you the way. So be it My children. So be it! Done and delivered.


Word: 8/5/15 at 6:30 PM

Anoint the same locations as in Jerusalem and in Paris (i.e. Prime Minister’s office and Parliament)


Vision: 9 PM

Profile of a Lion’s head



A coin made of gold with a dollar sign on it.



I saw the number "4".


Word: 8/6/15 at 4:40 AM

The neck of London will be at the mercy of evil for they stopped seeking Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The pressure will increase as they really see the enemy as they really are. The battle with Satan can only be won by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Horseflies will come and go from body to body during the battles.

When will the world understand that the battle with Satan can only be won by Jesus Christ? Remember the cross, remember the blood of Jesus Christ. Remember the love of Jesus Christ. Seek Jesus Christ and save yourself. Tell your friends and neighbors the End is before them. Place the Armor of God on and keep it on 24 hours a day. Teach your children about Jesus Christ so they can teach their friends. The blind will lead the blind and fall into a forbidden in place. Those with the Oil and the love of God will be saved. The sounds of wars are before you.

What are you going to do? Bury your head in the sand and wait for Satan or are you going to seek Jesus Christ and save yourself?

If you follow the ways of the world you will die. If you follow bad pastors you will die. If you follow your government you will die. The decision is yours. Come to the Cross and be saved. The blood of Jesus is there. The Love of Jesus is there. Your salvation is there.

The Power of Power has Spoken. The King of Kings is there. The Holy Spirit will teach you all you need to know. This is correct and to the point. So be it! So be it! So be it!