2302. Prophecy – Jerusalem Mission trip 30 July 2015


Vision 1:45 AM:

A parabolic dish made of gold or brass, on a stand, pointed up to the sky.



I saw the number 5.



I saw a handle of a deadbolt lock.


Word 7:00 AM:

Milk the cow for it is crying, good and faithful servants. The art of following Jesus; is following Jehovah. Then the Holy Spirit will help you in the ways of your God.


Vision 10:08 AM:

I saw a vision of a security camera (dome type).

A vision of a balance scale; each side has a small cloth bag.

I saw a vision of a missile with two rockets with flames coming out of the thrusters.

I saw a vision of a slanted triangle with a doorway with an awning over the door.


Prophecy: 7/30/2015 at 10:35 AM

It is I My son, so rest for I know all – the line is straight so follow it. Look up and all around for I am there. The fragrance is all around you. I have told (instructed) the Catholic Church, but they do not listen to me.

Get your day going.


Prophecy: 7/30/2015 (Words and visions during our walk to a section of the Western Wall in Israel.)


6:24 PM: They shall fall three by three.


6:25 PM: There is going to be a big white cloud over those hills. (Where the Garden Tomb is and where Christ was crucified)


6:27 PM: People are going to look for chickens, but they are not going to find any.


6:28 PM: You are writing down world history.


6:29 PM: People are going to feel the Power of the Arm of God.


6:31 PM: All the Power and Glory belongs to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I will protect what is Mine.


6:40 PM: I sensed in the Spirit people shooting from the old city walls near the Damascus Gate.


6:42 PM: There is going to be an earthquake and that hill is going to move up over Zedekiah’s Cave.


6:49 PM: Photograph that wall. It is going to fall outward.


6:52 PM:

The red vessel.

The red vessel.

The red vessel.


7:03 PM: Anointed the corners of the Jerusalem Wall across from the Rockefeller center.