2324. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 February 2016 at 8:08 AM


The Lord showed me the "pointing finger" of someoneís right-hand. As I looked, I could see this finger had a dark black fingernail.


"Do you see that black fingernail, said the Lord?" Well that finger shows a person; that they might have an anger problem. Examine yourself! How often do you see it out and pointing during an argument? If one sees it out and pointing often, when you are arguing with someone, you better correct yourself. For the end of this world is coming. Fighting and anger will not save you.

Many people have this sin, and they do not even know or care, it is a sin. But Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit do care, and a black mark is placed next to your name, every time you use this finger in anger.

People with ego and pride are going to be judged more severely, because they know it is wrong, and they do not care. They have this ungodly demon spirit, which they use to place themselves on their throne. There is only One Throne, and Jehovah your God is sitting on it. I am a jealous God, and I will correct you on Judgment Day with the Power and the Might of God.

It is not good for people to think too highly of themselves. It will lead you to your downfall. Pride and ego brought Satan down, to the upcoming pit. If you want to visit him, keep doing the things you do with that finger. Then, you can shake Satanís hand, when you get to the pit with him. Do you get My Point? We will speak later; you self made little god. I said, "Later", but I should have said, "Soon". So be it! So be it! So be it!