5. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 July 1990 and recorded on the 6 August 1990.

Well, today is August 6, 1990. I guess I am going to have to mark something down in my journal of the events that have happened.

To back track a little bit, I guess it was July 29, on a Sunday evening. I had a friend come by. We sat up to about 3:00 AM., talking about Christianity. My friend came around 10:00 PM., so we talked for about five hours. After my friend left I went to bed and was in a sound sleep, then all of a sudden something grabbed my forearm with a great force and pulled it into the air, but I was so tired, I was to the point where I didn't want any foolishness from the spirit world. So, I pulled my arm back down under the covers with an equal and opposite force. Then I said, "Satan leave me alone! I haven't the time for your damn foolishness," and rolled over and went back to sleep.